Datum održavanja: 01.01.1970.

Adresa: Dunavska obala bb, Bačka Palanka

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Nature Park "Tikvara" is located on the left bank of the Danube, stretching from the 1297th km until 1305th km. In the area of natural resource dominate forests of soft deciduous trees, and the whole area is interlaced with the Danube estuaries and marsh areas. In addition to the dominant point of the water ecosystem Tikvara there are the artificial stands of the swamp cypress, as monument of the nature (category III swamp cypress).

This Monument of Nature which is of priceless value represents the floristic rarity in our climate with its exceptional aesthetic and scientific values, together with four plane trees.

The size of the waterway area is constantly changing depending on the water level of the Danube. Although Tikvara is the natural fish hatchery, changing water levels affect the holding period of certain species of fish in the blue zone and their migration in the Danube riverbed.

Most of the area belongs to Public company "Vojvodina- šume", SU Backa Palanka, but the Recreation center "Tikvara" from Bačka Palanka is taking care of the Nature Park.


Beach "Tikvara" is the largest beach in Bačka Palanka. It is situated on a very attractive location, on the north side is Tikvara lake and on the south is the Danube. Because of its size and the position it is most visited in summer months. It is connected to the mainland by a small bridge so it is actually turned into a river island.


Tikvara is the largest winter home of white fish on the Danube rich in carp,

massive specimens of pike, perch, catfish and many other species of fish.

Sport Fishermen Association "Carp ", along with the nautical club is the cornerstone of both nautical offers in this area and the development of fishing tourism. Price permits: is 1,800 dinars (USR "Šaran ", Ribarsko naselje 3, Bačka Palanka, +381 (0) 21 604 1263).