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In the alluvial plain of the Danube along its left bank, in the area called Begečka Ada (Begeč ait), 18 km west of Novi Sad, there is a nature park Begečka jama. Jama is connected with the Danube with the channel Begej which is located in its eastern part.

This area is characteristic for its marshy- meadow vegetation and a poplar plantation. The special value of the vegetation of this area makes one white poplar tree and four black poplar trees, very rear representatives of typical floodplain vegetation in Vojvodina, which are now protected as a nature reserve – the rare specimens of flora.

In the area of the Nature Park Begečka jama around 150 bird species can be seen most of which are passers, stray and wintering birds. During the migration of birds from northern areas, up to 1000 different birds abid here. As many as 90 species of birds that can be seen on Begečka jama, are candidates for the Red Data Book of birds of Serbia, while 55 of them are natural rarities in Serbia. The Ferruginous Duck is on the Red World and European lists.

Apart from reveling in countryside, it is possible to go fishing. Fishing can also be done from the shore but the boat fishing is much better. Prussian carp, carp, pike and perch is good to be caught.