Datum održavanja: 01.01.1970.

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Adresa: Žarka Zrenjanina 9, Novi Bečej

Telefon: +381 (0)23 771 331

Email: narbibliotekanb@yahoo.com

The city library is situated in Novi Bečej, little town which has 15.404 inhabitants. 30 % of that number are Hungarians. This fact is interesting because both Serbs and Hungarians have a long and rich cultural tradition. The first libraries (called Kasina) were found in 1838. with the books on Hungarian, German and Serbian language. Until 1956. there were a lot of libraries (Kasina) in Novi Bečej on Hungarian and Serbian language when they were joined in one Library Fund, and workers who were volunteers since then were regularly paid for their job. They started to work with books by international decimal classification. Many times the library was moved from one place to another and finally in 1989. it got it’s own building. Until few years ago this space was sufficient for the library but than as the library fund was growing and there were some new activities it became too small. With existing of rich and very important homeland fund (only 700 posters- on both languages) there was a need for building a new one where in one section the homeland fund is kept.