RUSTIKA TRAVEL LTD. is Adventure Travel Company operating since February 2011. We provide a complete range of services associated with holiday and travel which include travel consultation, pre-arranged tours, custom packages, standard travel agency goods and services, including accommodation, tour and travel packages, different modes of transport. Additional services include assistance with Restaurant reservations, compelling especially customized destination and city guides and a superior offering that includes access to better than average activities. Our main goals are adventure, outdoor activities and enjoying the nature.

Our working scheme can be tailored to the request of our partners or based on our already established travel arrangements. Apart from tailor-made voyages for groups, we can also arrange individual travel arrangement tailored to the request by ind ividuals.

Our team will be assisting and giving every customer advice on their holiday booking. This way we ensure that every customer will enjoy their vacation to the fullest and hence will become a loyal customer to us.

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Western Serbia - Taste the magic in 7 days, season 2016.
July 8-16, July 29-Aug 6, Aug 26-Sep 3, Sep 30-Oct 8
From Vojvodina planes, through Tara mountain to Kopaonik mountain in one breathtaking adventure!

Thick greenery all around, the richness of fragrant forests, glades and views, meadow carpet, "the lungs of Serbia" - this is Western Serbia and its national parks, a real beauty among the heights, an ideal place for riding, resting and recovery. At the foot it is intersected by the marvelous rivers, its greenery and freshness naturally merging with mountains. Lake Per ućac, on the Drina river, is the most important site this region has to offer. Tara mountain and beautiful Lake Zaovine glistens in the hills above. Uvac, this corner of the Heaven is not yet that famous. The whole region is an inseparable part, a true gem of the unique tourist attraction of Western Serbia region called "The Magic Tourist Ring". And the food and drink.

Eastern Serbia - taste the mystery in 7 days, season 2016.

July 16-24, Aug 6-14, Sep 3-11, Oct 8-16
We will ride trough Vojvodina region, cross the Danube, ride along it, climb mountains, visit lakes and caves...

The east. mystery, secrecy. Eastern Serbia. Imagine this: Wherever you go in eastern Serbia - whether to the mighty Iron Gate (Đerdap) Gorge or the beautiful mountains like Old Mountain (Stara Planina) - interesting things await you. And we will do both! In this part of Serbia, reality and legend face each other and blend together. It is diffic ult to know where one ends and the other begins. Rivers, mountains, lakes, villages. Did I said food and drink before? Yes, we are on bikes, but the vine is proud and joy of this part of Serbia. The region around Leskovac is famous for its barbecue. And that is not even barbecue. That is the art of making food. The roads that connect all of that, the smell of nature is something you must taste.

Beautiful Serbia tour - 14 days! Season 2016.
July 8-24, July 29-Aug 14, Aug 26-Sep 11, Sep 30-Oct 16
The best of Serbia in one great adventure!

Ok. This is serious now. If you would like to experience all of the Serbia, you are on the right path. On this journey, we will take you on a ride full of excitement. Serbia, so close to you but until recent unattainable. Everything you've heard about this country is true! The good things. ;) If you would like to enjoy a great ride from plains of Vojvodina, over green hills of Šumadija (Cent ral Serbia), all the way to western, southern and eastern mountains. Highlights of this tour: Excellent food on roads of Vojvodina (Northern Serbia), Twisty roads of western Serbia and Tara mountain, Spectacular views on Uvac and Lazarev canyons, Mokra Gora, Zlatibor, Kopaonik, Djerdap Gorge (Iron Gate), Belgrade, Petrovaradin fortress. Book now!