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Monastery Ravanica- Vrdnik-with the church, originally dedicated to St. John the Baptist, and nowadays dedicated the Ascension day ,was mentioned in the documents from 1566 until 1569 . After the Great Migration, the monks of the monastery Ravanica from Serbia transferred the relics of Prince Lazar in Szentendre , and then in 1697 the relics were brought to Vrdnik. The church was built from 1801 until 1811 in the classicist style. The icons on the iconostasis and the murals on the vaults were painted by Dimitrije Avramovic in 1853. The frescoes in the monastery refectory were painted from 1771 until 1776 by Ambrose Janković. The first records of the monastery can be found in Menaion which was written by the hieromonk Georgije in Vrdnik in 1589. In this monastery the relics of Prince Lazar were kept for a long time. Today in Ravanica Monastery there is just a piece of the relics displayed in a glass container which is built into the coffin.