Address: Vikend naselje bb, Irig
Phone: +381 (0)22 461 394

Monastery Novo Hopovo lies on a gentle hill of southern slopes of Fruška Gora, not far away from Irig. It is only a couple of hundreds of meters away from the motorway Ruma – Novi Sad, so it is one of the most approachable monasteries on Fruška Gora. Monastery Novo Hopovo with the Church of St. Nikolai according to its architectural value represents the most prominent sacral building of its epoch in this region. The first written mention of this monastery dates from 1451. The present church was built in 1575/76, and the bell tower with a small chapel upstairs dedicated to St. Stefan, was built in 1751/58. The buildings of the monastery shelters, which surround the church on all four sides, were built step by step from 1728. to 1771. The frescoes from Hopovo are one of the most important in the Balcans‘artistic field. The icons on the iconostasis were done by the most important Serbian baroque painter Teodor Kračun.

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