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Adresa: Naselje Hemograd, lamela 2, Vršac

Telefon: +381 (0)13 805 584

Email: luvrsac@hemo.net

The Hunting Association " Vršačka kula " (Vrsac Tower) manages also the hunting ground of the total area of 68.561ha,out of which hunting area covers 54 840 ha.

Constantly cultivated species of wildlife in the hunting are: roe deer, wild boar, hare, pheasant and gray partridge

Hunting grounds has the following hunting facilities in the function:

  • 45 rigid hunting blinds,

  • 78 tree-hunting blinds,

  • 135 feeding-points for large game,

  • 221 feeding-points for pheasant chicken,

  • 15 waterholes

  • 40 salt-licks

  • 5 pheasant shelters

covering the area of 2 ha and 1,16 hectares of land

The Association provides the Administrative and professional service of the hunting area consisting of one manager, one gamekeeper, an assistant gamekeeper which are assisted by 20 volunteers.