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Adresa: Braće Vidaković 1, Pećinci

Telefon: +381 (0)22 436 474

Web: lubara.info

The Hunting Association “Obedska Bara”, with its place in Pećinci, holds the hunting grounds “Obedska Bara”, which occupies the area of 38.737 hectares, of which 35.976 hectares are the hunting area. It also occupies one part of the territory of the municipality of Pećinci, district Srem. The marches of the hunting grounds “Obedska Bara” match the marches of the territory of the Municipality of Pećinci, apart from one section in the south-west part where it matches the march of the hunting grounds around the Sava River – Kupinik and the march of the Serbian Military Range “Nikinci”. Constantly bred sorts of game in these hunting grounds are roe deer, hog, wild boar, rabbit, pheasant and partridge. The professional service of the Hunting Association “Obedska Bara” has a superintendent of the hunting grounds, a qualified person engaged under contract and two professional game wardens.