In the Pannonian Plain, 40 km northeast of Belgrade, along the Danube and Karaš, an extraordinary y hunting ground in the area of 33,610 ha is stretched. The dynamic dune relief is covered in forest and steppe vegetation. High trophy values of deer, roe deer and wild boar as well as the constant presence of wolves, are the characteristic of this well-known hunting ground.

Southeast, fenced part of the hunting grounds on the banks of the Danube, covering the surface of 1,900 ha represents a hunting-breeding center "Dragićev Hat" specialized in the production and hunting of capital deer and wild boar. Drive hunting for groups of up to 12 hunters is also organized.

Mallard and graylag geese hunting are organized in a part of "Labudovo okno" which covers 2,500 hectares of wetland terrain coast, aits and the Danube River. In the period between the autumn-winter over 30,000 wild ducks and wild geese inhabit this space.

The hunting ground is a lowland type ground with height from 70 to 85 m. The hunting ground is 50 km from away Belgrade airport and 150 km from Novi Sad.

Accommodation is in the hunting lodge "Dragićev Hat" with capacity of two apartments and two single rooms (+381 (0) 13 767 087).

Large game hunting is organized in an enclosed and open part of the hunting grounds. Deer and wild boar hunting is organized from high shooting stands.