Datum održavanja: 01.01.1970.

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Adresa: Hotel Srbija, Svetosavski trg 12, Vršac

Telefon: +381 (0)13 834 170

Email: office@hotelsrbija.rs

Web: www.hotelsrbija.rs

Special route for lovers of outdoor activities and fine wine. One day for balancing body and soul. Energetic, natural and aromatic. Pure enjoyment.


  • Arrival to Vršac in the afternoon or early evening.

  • Meeting with the guide and getting familiar with the route. Testing the bikes.

  • Free evening and overnight.


  • Breakfast, departure from the hotel at 10 am, by a private mini-bus.

  • The first stage of the route includes a visit to the monastery Malo Središte(XV) and tasting spring water that the villagers considered curative.

  • Climbing the highest peak Vršac - Gudurički top, 641m. – 3 -hour climbing in beautiful surroundings.

  • Lunch at Gudurički top.

  • A short break at the top - organized games.

  • Descending from the exciting forest trails and through the vineyards on the way back to the monastery Malo Središte.

  • Back to Vršac by a private mini-bus.

  • This tour includes climbing the forest paths (average slant 9%, the maximum slope of 24%)