The Žitište municipality is situated in the spacious plain of mid-Banat, 18 km north-east of Zrenjanin. It borders with the Sečanj, Kikinda, and Nova Crnja municipalities as well as state border with Romania. The municipality has the appearance of an irregular trapezoid, the central part of which flows through the old Begej canal and covers an area of ​​525 square kilometres. The total length of the transport network is 125 km, with 99 km of regional and 26 km of local roads.

According to the 2011 census report, there were 16.786 inhabitants. The Žitište municipality has 12 settlements: Banatski Dvor, Banatsko Karađorđevo, Banatsko Višnjićevo, Begejci, Međa, Novi Itebej, Srpski Itebej, Ravni Topolovac, Torda, Čestereg, Hetin, and Žitište. Since the second half of the 18th century, Serbs, Germans, Romanians, Hungarians and other peoples have settled here. Between the two wars, families from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Lika settled, as well as after the Second World War, when Germans emigrated from some parts. Today, 60% of Serbs, 22% of Hungarians, 11% of Romanians, 5% of Roma and 2% of other national minorities live in Zitiste.

It is mostly agricultural territory, with special emphasis being put on hunting. Fishing is developed on the streamlets and the Old Begej river. There is also the pheasant farm nearby. Agriculture was developed in all places, smaller industrial plants were established, and hunting became especially important. Sportfishing has been developed on the rivers and on Stari Begej, and a pheasant farm has been organized in the immediate vicinity.

Out of 44,805 ha of arable land, 17,200 ha area in social ownership, while 27,605 ha belong to individual agricultural producers. Forests cover 100 ha, while the pond covers an area of ​​450 ha. Available natural potentials, economic resources and new investments, among which is the drainage of the Begej canal, open perspectives for the future faster and more intensive economic development of the Municipality.

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Address: Cara Dušana 5, Žitište
Tel.: +381 (0)23 3 822 250


NOTICE: Beginning from June 12, 2010, citizens of European Union countries, the Swiss Confederation, Kingdom of Norway, Republic of Iceland, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Montenegro and FYR Macedonia may enter the Republic of Serbia using their identity cards and stay up to 90 days. Foreign nationals enter and stay in the Republic of Serbia under the…


The church in Žitište is dedicated to St. Đorđe and the church celebration is on Đurđevdan. The church has some church books, writings and kissing icons. The oldest among them is the Gospel written by hand, where is missing the front page and the first few pages so it is impossible to find out who…


The statue dedicated to the film boxer “Rocky Balboa” is probably the one of the most famous statues of Serbia, which has been heard worldwide. The interesting marketing idea to raise the statue belongs to several young people from Žitište. In this way they wanted to promote their place and also to point out to…


The cultural and educational community in Žitište is the coordinator of all the cultural activities in community, the KUD work, groups and sections, cultural manifestations and organizer of Republic meeting folk dance veterans in Serbia “Spomenar”. It also encourages cooperation between KUD groups in the community, area, province, republic and also international cooperation.