The Municipality of Stara Pazova is situated in the southeast of the Srem region, in Vojvodina, which covers the northern part of Serbia. The geographical position of the Municipality is extremely convenient: it is situated between the two largest cities and consumer centers in Serbia – the capital Belgrade (30 km) and Novi Sad (40 km). Also, the territory of the Municipality is intersected by several major roads: Highway  Belgrade- Zagreb  (E70), Highway Belgrade – Novi Sad (E75), Motorway M-22/1 (E-5), Motorway R-106, Motorway R-121, and railroads: Belgrade – Zagreb – Paris, Belgrade – Novi Sad – Budapest – Berlin (Krakow). “Nikola Tesla” Belgrade airport is only 25 km away from the center of the Municipality and the military airport “Batajnica” is only 10 km away. The River Danube flows along with the eastern board of the Municipality, which, together with other traffic communications, makes it extremely accessible and convenient for business.

The Municipality consists of nine settlements three of which are urban – Stara Pazova, Nova Pazova, and Novi Banovci, and six rural – Vojka, Golubinci, Stari Banovci, Belegis, Surduk, and Krnjesevci. The Municipality of Stara Pazova covers an area of 351 km2. According to the last census held in 2011, the number of inhabitants reached 65.508 people.

The first records about the municipality of Stara Pazova date from some 300 years ago.  The basic ethnic core was formed by the migration of the Serbs led by Arsenije III Carnojevic at the end of the 17th century (1690). At the end of the 18th century, the Slovaks coming from the north settled down, some 20 years later the Germans and later the Croats. After World War II great migrations occurred bringing thousands of people here from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, and Kosovo. The most important historical monument is Slos in Golubinci. Originally a military barracks, the Slos is being renovated at the moment and will be turned into a museum.

The Municipality of Stara Pazova is very well known for a great number of small and middle-scale private companies as well as workshops. Some 40 years ago, small enterprises started to flourish in the Municipality and thus made it one of the first and the most successful ones in the field of private business in the former Yugoslavia.  At present, there are around 600 private companies (mainly in Stara Pazova and Nova Pazova) and over 2500  workshops. The new Master plan of the Municipality of Stara Pazova has additionally ensured its further economic development establishing industrial zones in three settlements: Stara Pazova, Nova Pazova, and Krnjesevci.

Thanks to extraordinary natural conditions, agriculture is one of the most important features of the Municipality. There is around 30.000 ha of arable land. There are great possibilities to develop tourism in Podunavlje (the settlements situated in the Danube Basin). There are great opportunities for fishing, hunting, golf, marinas, etc. Also, the almost intact rural atmosphere in some of the villages could well become a foundation for country tourism. A non-governmental organization “The Slos in Golubinci” which was established in 2001, promotes this idea. The project called “Healthy Village” focuses on how healthy rural and hectic city lifestyles can intermingle, taking advantage of each other. The Municipality of Stara Pazova has impressive cultural versatility. Folk dances, theatre, choirs, and the like, are all popular here while some of them have been successful even abroad.  There are several cultural centers and a 130-year old library “Dositej Obradovic” has departments in all the settlements. In addition, there are many citizens’ associations.  The Municipality of Stara Pazova prides itself on its cultural diversity and multi-ethnic structure. Apart from the Serbs who represent the majority, there are also Slovaks, Croats, Hungarians, Gypsies, etc. There are several different churches such as Serbian Orthodox churches, Catholic churches, the Slovak Evangelistic church, etc.  The Slovak population in the town Stara Pazova (12 %) is one of the three biggest Slovak communities in the country.

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Address: Svetosavska 11, Stara Pazova
Phone: +381 (0)22 310 140


Sports and recreation center “Poseidon” is located at the entrance to Stari Banovci from the direction of Stara Pazova and features two outdoor and one indoor swimming pool for recreational and swimming school, restaurant, whirlpool bath, bars, parking, restaurant for celebrations and Wellness. The offer also includes volleyball and beach soccer, tennis court, mini golf…


NOTICE: Beginning from June 12, 2010, citizens of European Union countries, the Swiss Confederation, Kingdom of Norway, Republic of Iceland, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Montenegro and FYR Macedonia may enter the Republic of Serbia using their identity cards and stay up to 90 days. Foreign nationals enter and stay in the Republic of Serbia under the…