The Srbobran municipality is situated in the central part of Bačka and covers an area of 284 square kilometres. The municipality encompasses three settlements: Srbobran, Turija and Nadalj. The biggest part of the municipality lies on the left bank of the Great Bačka Canal. In the north and south Srbobran is surrounded by a meander of the Krivaja streamlet which flows into the Great Bačka Kanal close to Turija.

The geographical position is very favourable. By the above mentioned the Great Bačka Canal Srbobran is, through the Danube and Tisa, connected with the major European waterways. There are also two main roads that intersect in the centre of Srbobran: the international route which connects middle and south Europe and the Sombor-Bečej route which connects the Danube and Tisa valley.

The oldest record about Srbobran dates back to 1338, where the town was called Sentomaš (St. Thomas). Srbobran has approximately 16.000 inhabitants, where Serbs make 70% of the population and Hungarians 30%

Address: Trg Profesora Milivoja Tutorova bb, Srbobran
Phone: +381 (0)21 731 279, +381 (0)21 732 888

It is situated in the very centre of Srbobran. The sports centre with open fields and playgrounds is the home of many sports clubs and is regularly used by school children and for recreation.

The centre organizes many sports events, and in the summertime, it organizes sports camps and the physical practice of many clubs. All the capacities are opened and can be used at any time in very good conditions.

“The centre for Sport and Tourism” Srbobran works also as a travel agency. It takes care of the touristic potentials of Srbobran with its many attractions, as well as the cultural, historical, and architectural sense. Special care is taken in developing farm tourism, which means to take care of many farms. The fields in the Srbobran community are unique and rich hunting and fishing areas. Accept protected animals you can find wild pigs, roe deers, rabbits, wild cats and feathered wild animals…


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