The Sombor municipality is situated in the north-west part of the Bačka plain. In the west, the Danube is the municipality’s natural border with Croatia and in the north, it borders with Hungary. Sombor is some 175 km away from Belgrade and 220 km from Budapest. It is the place of rich cultural and sporting tradition and known for the abundance of greenery. The municipality is famous for fishing on the Danube river and its sleeves and the best hunting grounds (deer and other venison) from Bezdan to Apatin.

In 1786 Sombor was declared the permanent seat of the Bačka & Bodroš County. In order to satisfy the growing needs of the county administration, an eclectic building was built in 1808. In 1882 the side towers and pediment were added. The roof dome is reminiscent of the one in the Venetian church of Santa Maria della Salute. In 1975 the building was renovated. In the 201st room of the building, there is the biggest oil painting in Serbia called “The battle of Senta” by Ferenz Aizenhut and the Coat of Arms Hall with emblems of the famous aristocratic families from Sombor. The building is surrounded by the park from the 19th century with the larch and sycamore trees. Today, the building is the center of the municipality’s administration.

On the surface of 1178 km² Sombor municipality includes the city of Sombor and 16 settlements, which is special characteristic of this region: Aleksa Šantić, Bački Breg, Bački Monoštor, Bezdan, Čonoplja, Doroslovo, Gakovo, Kljajićevo, Kolut, Rastina, Riđica, Stanišić, Svetozar Miletić, Stapar and Telečka.

Address: Trg Svetog Đorđa 1, Sombor
Phone: +381 (0)25 434 350

Tourist-info center with a souvenir shop

Adress: Kralja Petra I 18, 25000 Sombor Tel: +381 (0) 25 420 041


This is the first squash centre in Sombor and the fifth in Serbia. In the centre there are two squash courts made according to the standards of European Squash Federation, locker rooms with showers and café bar. The Squash centre Sombor has its own car park with seven parking places. Squash can be played without…