The Šid municipality is situated in the south-west part of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina, in the west Srem. Territorially, it also belongs to the southern part of the Pannonian plain and north-west part of Serbia.

This, relatively young settlement is mentioned for the first time in 1702. The municipality’s territory covers an area of 687 square kilometres. Šid is also a border municipality with six border crossings and hence possesses a great potential for the development of transit tourism. The municipality encompasses 19 settlements where the only town, the biggest settlement and the municipality’s centre is Šid.

The municipality comprises nineteen settlements (Batrovci, Ilinci, Morović, Jamena, Vašica, Višnjićevo, Kukujevci, Adaševci, Bačinci, Erdevik, Privina glava, Ljuba, Sot, Berkasovo, Bingula, Molovin, Bikić do, Gibarac i Šid), the only urban settlement, the largest town and the center of the municipality is Šid.