Pančevo is the center of the eponymous municipality and is the economical and cultural center of south Banat. It is situated 15 km north-east from Belgrade, at the estuary of the rivers Tamiš and Danube, on the 77 m altitude. It covers an area of 757 square kilometers. Pančevo borders with the following municipalities: Kovačica, Alibunar, Kovin, and the city of Belgrade.

According to the 2011 census the Pančevo municipality had 122.252 inhabitants. The city itself has 77.087 inhabitants. The municipality also encompasses the following villages: Banatski Brestovac, Banatsko Novo Selo, Glogonj, Dolovo, Ivanovo, Jabuka, Kačarevo, Omoljica, and Starčevo.

The climate is moderately continental (long and warm summers and autumns, mild winters, and short springs). The special feature of the climate is košava, a strong and dry wind that could blow up to three weeks, mostly in early spring and late autumn, with the speed up to 100 km per hour. In the cold period, north and north-east winds bring longlasting rains in winter and sudden showers in summer.

The municipality’s terrain is alluvial plain (of the Danube and Tamis rivers) and loess flats which are significant for the local agriculture. Smaller settlements are built mostly on the sandy elevations and are vegetable growing areas. The parts of the terrain are swamps with specific wildlife and plants. The Danube runs through the Pančevo municipality for some 30km. There are also smaller rivers like the Tamis, Nadel, and Ponjavica which are slower and more winding. The Tamis’ spring is in Romania and it runs through Banat for some 118 km. Its confluent is the Brzava and it disgorges into the Danube close to Pančevo. The Nadel is a combination of ponds and dents where the water, through the Tamis riverbed, flows towards the Danube. The Nadel runs through Kovačica, Debeljača, Crepaja, Jabuka, and Pančevo. The Ponjavica river’s spring is close to Omoljica and it disgorges into the Nadel river north of Ivanovo. It is strictly forbidden to travel by motorboats on these rivers because of the possible pollution and to develop fishing and balneal tourism.

Pančevo is one of the most important industrial centers in Vojvodina and Serbia. There are thousands and thousands of hectares of fertile soil where mostly wheat, maize, and sugar beet are grown. Cattle breeding is also developed.

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Address: Sokače 2, Pančevo
Phone: +381 (0)13 333 399