The territory of the Kovin municipality covers the most southern part of Banat, and, in the administrative & regional division of Serbia and Vojvodina, the Kovin municipality belongs to the South Banat District. In the west, north and east the municipality’s territory borders with administrative borders of Pančevo, Alibunar, Vršac and Bela Crkva and in the south with Smederevo and Požarevac.

The natural border is represented by the river Danube. The Kovin municipality has a shape of an irregular triangle and covers an area of 730 square kilometres which is 17% of the total territory of South Banat and 3% of the total territory of Vojvodina. It is situated on the left bank of the Danube river. According to the 2011 census, the municipality had 33.725 inhabitants of different ethnic background.

There are 10 settlements in the municipality (Bavanište, Gaj, Deliblato, Dubovac, Kovin, Malo Bavanište, Mramorak, Pločica, Skorenovac, Šumarak), where Bavanište is the biggest one with 6.061 inhabitants. Kovin itself has 14.231 inhabitants.

The relatively favourable geographical position of the municipality, its spatial and functional connection with the most significant international, national and regional transport and tourist routes, represent the three main directions in the tourist offer. The Kovin municipality is surrounded by busy roads, namely the Corridor 10, which overlaps with major East European tourist directions. In the close proximity of Kovin, there are developed economic centres like Belgrade (30 km), Pančevo (33 km) and Smederevo (13 km). There is also a military runway, which potentially could be an important infrastructural object. Because of the direct exit to the Danube river, during history, various conquerors and different cultures tried to take over Kovin. They all left behind valuable traces, some of which are preserved even to this day.

Address: Cara Lazara 86 b, Kovin
Phone: +381 (0)13 745 860


Hunting lodges are: Fazanerija, Dubovac, Šumarak, Marina, Flamunda and Dolina, capacity 3-9 persons. Accommodation in 1,2,3 and 4 bedded bedrooms, shower/ wc, heating, living room, kitchen (hunting specialities) and dining room. Catering services in every object for up to 10 persons inside and for up to 30 persons outside, under the wooden shelter.