The Kovačica municipality is situated in the south-east of Vojvodina, on the area of 419 square kilometres. The administrative and geographic centre of the municipality is Kovačica, which is some 46 km from Belgrade (40-minute drive by car).

15 km of the river Tamiš runs through the north-west part of the Kovačica municipality. East part of the municipality is covered by the Deliblatska peščara (the only European desert) with its specific geographical features.

The arable land covers 84,02% of the total municipal territory. It is mainly made out of first-grade ploughland, some orchards, vineyards and meadows. Over 4/5 of the arable land is chernozem – the most fertile type of soil in the Pannonian plain.

The Kovačica municipality covers 8 settlements: Kovačica, Debeljača, Crepaja, Padina, Samoš, Idvor, Uzdin, and Putnikovo. They are all connected by asphalt road. The Pančevo-Kikinda railway passes through the municipality’s territory.

The municipality is a heterogenous community and an interesting fusion of four languages, epistles, religions, culture and customs. Here, people have been living side by side for 200 years maintaining and cherishing everything they are. They respect and appreciate others and are the testament of the fact that differences do not separate, but, on the contrary, bring together.

According to the 2018 census the Kovačica municipality had 23.874 inhabitants.  According to the municipality’s statute Slovak, Serbian, Hungarian and Romanian language all have equal status.

Photos: archives of Tourism organisation of Kovačica municipality

Address: Masarikova 69, Kovačica
Phone: +381 (0)13 660 460


Padina is today, precisely because of its wells, called the village in which the “water changes.” Padina’s wells are deepest wells in the whole Banat region. Well digging started in 1814, and was funded by the state. Scope-wheels in Padina, today there are just three of them, may illustrate the zeal and struggle for survival…