The Kanjiža municipality is situated in the north part of Serbia, on the border with Hungary. It covers an area of 400 square kilometers and has 23.783 inhabitants who live in 13 settlements (Adorjan, Velebit, Doline, Zimonjić, Kanjiža, Male Pijace, Mali Pesak, Martonoš, Novo Selo, Orom, Totovo Selo, Trešnjevac, Horgoš).

The city of Kanjiža, as the municipality’s center, it is considered a town of regional significance with the river Tisa and Horgos border crossing being nearby. The proximity of Tisa means that the landscape is picturesque with many possibilities for fishing and other tourist activities. Rich clay soil, oil, natural gas, and thermal waters are all considered natural wealth and the basis of the municipality’s economy (production of construction materials, health, and recreational tourism). Thermal waters, therapeutical mud, river Tisa, vibrant surroundings, hunting grounds, the Selevenje woodland and wilderness, culinary specialties, cultural and sports’ manifestations make Kanjiža a very attractive tourist place indeed.

Address: Glavni trg 9, Kanjiža
Phone: +381 (0)24 875 414