The municipality of Indjija is located in Vojvodina, in the northeastern part of Srem, on the southern slopes of Fruška gora. It is located halfway between Belgrade and Novi Sad, at the intersection of two important European corridors: Corridor X (highway E-75) and Corridor VII (Danube River), and has a very favourable tourist-geographical position.

Indjija is 45 km away from Belgrade, and 36 km from Novi Sad, and it is connected to them by the E-75 highway and the M-22.1 highway. Indjija is 39 km away from the Nikola Tesla Airport in Belgrade. The Belgrade-Novi Sad-Subotica-Budapest railway and the Belgrade-Zagreb-Ljubljana railway pass through Indjija.

335 km Budapest
571 km Vienna
502 km Ljubljana
364 km Zagreb
259 km Sarajevo
475 km Podgorica
487 km Skopje
445 km Sofia
644 km Bucharest

The municipality of Indjija covers an area of ​​384 kilometres square and consists of 11 settlements: Indjija, Chortanovci, Beska, Krcedin, Slankamenacki Vinogradi, Stari Slankamen, Novi Slankamen, Novi Karlovci, Maradik, Ljukovo and Jarkovci. Today, about 47,500 people of different nationalities live in them.

The slopes of Fruška gora, the Vojvodina plain and the banks of the Danube are imbued with numerous natural beauties, cultural and historical sights, preserved tradition but also the spirit of the modern development of one of the most advanced municipalities in Serbia. Complemented by interesting events and a rich gastronomic offer, the tourist values ​​of the municipality of Indjija provide all visitors with the opportunity to find the right place for themselves.

The Danube River, which adorns ten European countries with its long course, connects more than 80 million people and connects different peoples and cultures, has charted its picturesque path in Serbia from Bezdan to Djerdap. On that road, she gave the municipality of Indjija a beautiful coast 27 km long. Along the banks of the Danube from Čortanovac, through Beška and Krčedin, next to Slankamenacki Vinogradi all the way to the confluence of the Tisza and the Danube near Stari Slankamen, in an ecologically preserved environment of a picturesque rural environment, there are weekend resorts, fish chards, beaches, and people eager to take a break from the hectic modern everyday life.

Order of historical events:

In 1455, Indjija is mentioned as a feudal estate of the Šuljok de Lekče family
In 1756, in written sources, Indjija was first mentioned as a settlement
In 1800, the Postal Service was established in Indjija
In 1883, the railway came to Indjija
In 1886, the postal transfer of money began in Indjija
In 1890, the first steam mill was opened in Indjija
In 1897, Indjija got its first bank and trade school
In 1911, the first power plant was opened in Indjija
In 1939, the first modern road in Serbia (Novi Sad – Belgrade) passed through Indjija
In the 1960s, small and medium-sized enterprises developed rapidly
Today Indjija is becoming a first-class investment destination.

More Information

Address: Cara Dušana 1, Inđija
Phone: +381 (0)22 510 970, +381 (0)64 150 35 35

Opening hours:
mon-fri 07:00 – 15:00

PUB “LIBEERI” – Inđija

Brewery LIBEERI is the first producer of domestic craft beer in the municipality of Indjija. The production plant with a capacity of 1,000 litres of cooking and 10,000 litres in fermenters is located in Krcedin. LIBEERI Brewery is an independent, family brewery, in the true sense of the word, which produces beers in small batches,…