The Inđija municipality is located in the south of Vojvodina, on the slopes of the Fruška Gora and halfway from Novi Sad to Belgrade.

The geographical position of the municipality is quite advantageous. One of the most important European roads passes through the central part of the municipality’s territory. This is the E-75 (the corridor 10) international road which connects north of the continent with south and west with east. Also, a very important railway line passes through Inđija (Sofia-Belgrade-Subotica-Budapest).

The northern border of the municipality is the river Danube, with the 30 km of the river bank. The municipality covers 385 square kilometres, and average altitude is 113 meters. The terrain is mostly upland and sedimentary flat. In the north part of the Inđija district is the east end of the Fruška Gora. The sedimentary flat covers a wider area and is situated in the south part of the district. Special resource is the thermomineral spring.

Settlements of Inđija Municipality are Inđija, Beška, Jarkovci, Krčedin, Ljukovo, Maradik, Novi Karlovci, Novi Slankamen, Slankamenački vinogradi, Stari Slankamen and Čortanovci.

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