Zrenjanin municipality is situated in the centre of Banat. The city of Zrenjanin is the administrative, political, economic, educational, cultural, and health care centre of the middle Banat and represents the headquarter of middle Banat territory. It covers the surface of 1.326 kilometres square and it is the biggest municipality in Vojvodina when the territory is concerned, and second in the Republic of Serbia. The city itself is placed on the 83m altitude.

It is situated 75 km in the north of Belgrade and 45 km on the east of Novi Sad. Important roads that connect Serbia with Romania and Hungary go through it. That roads are Belgrade – Zrenjanin – Novi Knjaževac – Đula – Szeged, Belgrade – Zrenjanin – Srpska Crnja – Temišvar and Belgrade – Zrenjanin – Novi Bečej – Kikinda – Nakovo – Arad.

The territory of the Zrenjanin community is very rich in rivers. In a diameter of about 30 km, there are a several rivers flow, Tamiš, Tisa, Karaš, Danube, and channel net Danube – Tisa – Danube, and the city itself lies on the river Begej.

It belongs to the temperate-continental climate zone with an annual rainfall of 617 mm.

The community consists of the city Zrenjani and 21 settlements: Aradac, Banatski Despotovac, Belo Blato, Botoš, Elemir, Ečka, Jankov Most, Klek, Knićanin, Lazarevo, Lukino Selo, Lukićevo, Melenci, Mihajlovo, Orlovat, Perlez, Stajićevo, Taraš, Tomaševac, Farkaždin, Čenta. There are 25 different nations and nationalities and the largest number are Serbs, Hungarians, Romanians, and Slovaks. The total number of inhabitants in the municipality is 122.714.

The city of Zrenjanin is the administrative, political, economic, educational, cultural and health centre of Central Banat and is the seat of the Central Banat District. Of the economic branches, agriculture is the most developed, and the food industry is also developed, followed by the textile, metal and chemical industries.

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Address: Koče Kolarova 68, Zrenjanin
Phone: +381 (0)23 523 160, fax: +381 (0)23 523 161
E-mail: office@visitzrenjanin.com
Web: www.visitzrenjanin.com


Special Nature reserve “Stari Begej –Carska bara“ is located on the alluvial plain of the Rivers Begej and Tisa close to the road directions connected with Zrenjanin, Belgrade, Novi Sad etc. This is the complex of 1,676 ha consisting of the river bed of the River Begej, Carska bara (Imperial Marsh), Tiganjica, Zegmenjica, Mala bara…


Zrenjanin National Museum is a museum of complex type with regional character. Its research covers Central Banat District. This kind of organization enabled rich cultural heritage from the area, divided into fields such as nature, archeology, ethnology, history, and art to be systematically preserved and professionally estimated by trained professionals of a specified institution. More…