The Čoka municipality stretches across 321 square kilometers and is situated in the northern part of Banat, close to the state border with Hungary and Romania. 10.262 inhabitants of a diverse ethnic structure live in 8 settlements.
The municipality has a favorable geostrategic position because it is connected with other parts of the country by road and railway, as well as the river Tisa. Čoka is an integral part of Banat, positioned in Danube 21 Euroregion, i.e. in the DKMT region (Danube-Kris-Mures-TIsa). The economy of the municipality of Choka is making efforts to preserve its few brands, which are the backbone of the future market competition and the development of tourism as a basic economic branch. Sports organizations and athletes of the Municipality of Choka and the city of Choka have given their full contribution to the affirmation of Serbian sports by winning the brightest medals at international, European, and world competitions. The Municipality of Choka and the city of Choka have confirmed the same quality in other areas of sports, in school sports and recreational sports, ie in amateur sports.
Thanks to their diverse national and cultural structure Čoka’s organizations of culture have organized many quality traditional cultural events of regional significance. The municipality’s tourist offer, which is incorporated into the Banat’s tourist offer, is the following:
  • Čoka winery with its beverage production and hotel & catering services
  • Hunting on the very abundant hunting grounds
  • Nature’s reserve with the protected species like the well-know specie of bustard
  • Fishing on the river Tisa, the Danube-Tisa-Danube canal, the Zlatica river, and the Tisa pond
  • Rural and eco-tourism, with modest accommodation
  • Sports’ and culture tourism
  • Castles, granges and religious objects
  • Transit and nautical tourism.


NOTICE: Beginning from June 12, 2010, citizens of European Union countries, the Swiss Confederation, Kingdom of Norway, Republic of Iceland, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Montenegro and FYR Macedonia may enter the Republic of Serbia using their identity cards and stay up to 90 days. Foreign nationals enter and stay in the Republic of Serbia under the…


It is situated on a part of a territory of Čoka, on the complete surface of 7.833 ha and hunting surface of 7.319 ha. Animals you can hunt: roe, rabbit, pheasant, wild duck, field partridge, quails, wild boar(sometimes). Tourists can stay in the  hunting lodge in Padej. Hunting ground is owned by Hunting association of…


It is located in the part of the territory of the Municipality of Čoka, the total area of 23.139 ha, of which hunting area covers about 22,500 ha. Hunting game offer: deer, rabbit, pheasant, common partridge, quail, turtle dove, ring-necked pigeon and wild boar (occasionally). Tourist accommodation possibilities : Hunting Lodge in Padej and restaurants…


The castle was built by the family Marčibanji, after 1781., When Lerinc Marčibanji has bought the desert Čoka.The building of the castle was finished by the next owner, Švab Karolj, about 1870. Artur and Karolj Lederer bought this property at the end of the XIX century. This family, one of the richest Jewish families at…