Bela Crkva is a small town on the very south of Banat, 96 km East from Belgrade. Beautiful nature, old streets, and baroque facades, parks, and lakes make Bela Crkva the tourist oasis. Quite and austere lifestyle makes the visitors feel relaxed and refreshed. The town lies in the fertile and vine-growing valley. Rivers Karaš and Nera run through the Bela Crkva basin.

In the western part of the town, there is a complex of artificial lakes, the Danube-Tisa-Danube canal, and the Danube itself. Deliblatska peščara Deliblato Sands (the so-called “European desert”) is a unique special nature reserve which is situated some 15 km from Bela Crkva. Mountain air which streams down from the Carpathians, the big number of sunny days in a year, home cooking and opulence of fruit and the fruit products (like brandy) are all ingredients of true relaxation and an unforgettable vacation.

Bela Crkva municipality includes the town of Bela Crkva and the following villages: Banatska Palanka, Banatska Subotica, Vračev Gaj, Grebenac, Dobričevo, Dupljaja, Jasenovo, Kajtasovo, Kaluđerovo, Kruščica, Kusić, Crvena Crkva, Češko Selo.

Address: Proleterska 2, Bela Crkva
Phone: +381 (0)13 851 777

ECO ZONE “KARAŠ – Jasenovo

The village halfway between Bela Crkva and Vršac is named after the type of wood. The river Karaš flows nearby, which springs in Romania and although it flows through the plains is very quick and specific. Specific characteristics are also the waterfalls (piers) which provide authenticity and attractiveness to his region. This represents the great…