On the international road Belgrade – Novi Sad – Subotica – Hungary, on the slopes of Telečka Hills, in the valley of river Krivaja, there is situated Bačka Topola on the surface of 596 kilometers square.

On the north there is the border to Subotica municipality, on the northeast with the Senta municipality, on the east with the Ada municipality, on the southeast is Bečej municipality, on the south, there is Mali Iđoš municipality, on the southwest is Kula municipality and on the west Sombor municipality.
According to the last register in 2018. there are 30.927 inhabitants.

Since 1462. this area is a feudal household, and in the XVI century, it becomes a larger settled place which was later inhabited by Serbs, Hungarians, Slovaks, Croatians, Ruthenians, Montenegro, and others. Since 1873., when there was built the railroad Subotica – Novi Sad, Bačka Topola had faster economic development.

That is the crossroad of six roads on the territory of middle and north Bačka.

In Bačka Topola there are some important buildings with the characteristics of the baroque style, and the catholic church (1905) is in pseudo-gothic style (belfry 74 m high). In Bačka Topola are developed craftwork and merchandise, then the furniture industry, metal products, and pasta, flour – milling industry, and others.

On the 13,5 km (through Bajša) from Bačka Topola is the agricultural and tourist complex “Panonija”, and 6 km in Subotica direction agricultural complex “Zobnatica”, with the famous stud farm (founded in 1750). In “Zobnatica” there are grown the horses of English half – breed race so-called “bačka horse”, the winners on many national and international competitions.

The municipality of Bačka Topola has 23 settled places: Pačir, Stara Moravica, Bački Sokolac, Tomislavci, (Orešković before), Karađorđevo, Mali Beograd, Zobnatica, Mićunovo, Novo Orahovo, Obornjača, Kavilo, Svetićevo, Pobeda, Gunaroš, Bagremovo, Njegoševo, Bačka Topola, Bajša, Panonija, Srednji Salaš, Rogatica, Krivaja, Duboka.

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