Ada municipality is situated in the north of Vojvodina and Bačka, on the right bank of the Tisa river. Surrounded by Senta, Čoka, Novi Bečej, Kikinda, Bečej, and Bačka Topola municipalities. It covers an area of 228 square kilometers and according to the last census has 16.237 inhabitants who live in 5 settlements: Ada, Mol, Sterijino Selo, Utrine, and Obornjača. Ada is the biggest settlement among the mentioned and it is the municipality’s center.

The most significant natural wealth of Ada is the high-quality agricultural terrain. The second significant natural wealth is a very favorable hydrological situation. Ada municipality is situated, in its length, along the Tisa river. If we are talking about transport facilities, the transport network is well developed.

The regional route R-122 (from Novi Sad to Horgos i.e. to the state border with Hungary) passes through Ada and Mol.

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Address: Zmaj Jovina 25b, Ada

Phone: +381 (0)24 854 770, +381 (0)24 852 106


It is a specialized object for hunting tourism with all the additional contents. The accommodation capacity is 20 beds. Within the object there is also a restaurant with the capacity of 40 places, a hunting store, two shooting ranges (enclosed shooting range with 6 shooting places for 25mm gun, and enclosed shooting range for shooting…


The hunting society “Panonija” with the head office in Mol (Ada community), manages the hunting area “Donji Rit” of the full surface of 9,429 ha, and the hunting area is 8,359 ha. There are 90 active members in the society. There are always games: roe deer, boar (sometimes), rabbit, pheasant and gray partridge. The hunting…

GRANGE “KOŠ” – Sterijino

The “Koš” farm is situated on the territory of Ada community in the village Sterijino on 10 km from the city on the address Veliki Put 13. It is promoting the village tourism and allows the possibility for organizing one-day trips with the rich content for the preschool and school institutions, like breakfast by the…


A native house represents former way of living of our fathers and mothers. The guests have at their disposal different programs (pig slaughter, carriage ride, horse riding and the preparation of traditional dishes), which will make their time at the village more active and more interesting.