Address: Šid, Svetog Save 7
Phone: +381 (0)22 716 825

The Gallery ”Sava Šumanović ” was founded in 1952 and it is located in the native house of Sava Šumanović (1896 – 1942). This is a typical ground town house with a gate, built in the second half of the19th century. The art fund of the gallery consists of about 400 works of art, most of which are oil paintings, as well as the art-works performed in other techniques, pastels and drawings. Gallery organizes exhibitions of art- works from the collection which thematically follows the development of one of the most famous Serbian painters of the first half of the 20th century. Šumanovic’s painting represents the pinnacle of modern Serbian art of the first half of the 20th century, and his tragic death symbolizes damned fate of the modern artist and the man in the maelstrom of the war. The gallery also preserves about 350 works of art of naive painters, especially the art-works of Ilija Bašičević – Bosilj and several other art- works of the members of the school of naive art Iiijanum The part of the exhibition area occupies over 5,000 archaeological objects found at the site of the Gradina on the River Bosut, nearby Šid, from the Neolithic period.

Opening Hours : Mondays – Fridays 8-14 ; weekends : 9 – 13h.

30. 11. 2012.