Adresa: Ribarski trg, Irig

In the nineteenth century fish trading was revived again. At the time nor Karlovci neither Mitrovica had as much as fish traders, as Irig which lies on the river. It is known that the Metropolitan Stratimirović sought fresh fish in Irig and that fish market in the second half of the nineteenth century looked like a little fair. In addition to inhabitants of Irig, the monasteries of Fruška Gora as the main consumers and the whole environment purchased fish at the fish market . In the late nineteenth century, in memory of the fish trading at Irig market, today’s Fishermen's Square, a monument Fishing Cross was erected, from the guilds of fishermen to fishermen. This event is connected to an anecdote: "The whole Christian world has 12 apostles, and the only the citizens from Irig in the whole world, have 13". This can be seen on the fishing Cross, The painter Vasa Eškićević painted on the cross the character of the priests as the thirteenth apostle, and the figure of the Virgin resembled a figure of archpriest’s lover in order to get even with the archpriest Vasa Nikolajević because he was not paid for painting works in the church. The secret is revealed only when the priest revenged the monument, which also led to the court.