Adresa: Mesna zajednica Velebit

Telefon: +381 (0)63 88 63 082


The hospitable villagers of Velebit are ready to welcome you, with offering its visitors the following programs and activities:

- tour to ethnic / indigenous home "Ćemer" with the possibility of buying handicrafts that have been made by members of the associations and dairy products as well(‘Lička basa’ with donuts, cheese, yogurt, etc ...).
- Reception in the Local Office with the video presentation program with hosts serving (donuts, mineral water and coffee), the visitor is given the information and promotional material,
- tour to a representative orchard plantation-tasting apricot brandy with baked potato (halves) with bacon,
- tour to some residential facilities that can be used as accommodations of the "self-service apartment"

AK tour "Velebit" and "the Captain marsh"
- Renting a bike to tour of the village landscape, towards the cycling route of the village
- Depending on the interest of guests / tourists , visiting of individual producers of brandy "distillery" is possible