Datum održavanja: 01.01.1970.

Adresa: Tiski kej, Novi Bečej

The church in Novi Bečej was built in 1744. as the one nave building finishing on the East with the five side half- circled wall, while on the West there is the typical multi-floor baroque bell-tower with sheet metal “pillow”, the light-hose and cross. The ornaments outside and half circled windows are the regular decoration of the Vojvodinian sacral objects at the end of the XVIII and XIX century. Opposite of the measured and harmonious wall linens, inside the church is full of baroque luxury. The iconostasis partition, which architectonic construction is covered with plant engravings, has forty presentations of standing figures of Saints and church celebrations and it is considered that they were painted by Stefan Gavrilović in 1814. One of the first representatives of Serbian romanticism Pavle Simić painted wall pictures on the altar in 1858. There are many valuable church objects and the most valuable is the icon of The Most Holy Mother with Christ made in the best tradition of later Byzantine icon painting.

Conservational work on the church was done many times (1969, 1971, 1974, 1978 and 2009). Last works which are done since 2009. include the new fence around the church yard, the church yard itself, restoration of the roof, bell-tower and the fasade of the church. Until the end of the 2012. it all the works have been finished.