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Adresa: Međunarodni put 312, Čenej

Telefon: +381 (0)64 153 5863

Email: cenejskisalasi@gmail.com

Web: http://www.brkinsalas.rs

(The salaš of Brka) Brkin salaš (a farming household typical for the territory of Vojvodina) is situated on the old road for Subotica, not very far away from the airport Čenej, only 10 km away from the motorway E-75, approximately 17 km away from the centre of Novi Sad, and some 90 km away from Belgrade.

Brkin salaš belongs to a group of rare farming households, which are, compared to other households, situated separately. This position gives the salaš a fantastic view of the beauty of Vojvodina - Fruška Gora with its monasteries, which can be reached over the Danube in only thirty minutes. Not far away from the salaš, in the direction of Subotica, there is a protected area of the Jegrička River, but also the fisheries of Zmajevo, where fishing is a real pleasure.

At disposal, there are two double rooms for the accommodation of guests, who are provided with a complete feel of the salaš way of life. Salaš is an ideal place for celebrations of birthdays, christenings, graduate celebrations, etc. It has the capacity of 50 guests in a launch hall decorated in ethno style. There are no stereotypes, everything is a matter of agreement (food, drinks, the hours, music, etc.)

Our goal is to present to people the salaš way of life and to allow them to take a break from the fast life in the city. An active vacation with ordinary salaš routines, working with bees, small soccer, mini basket, walks, and bicycle rides and upon the agreement four-wheelers are allowed to accumulate their strength essential for the return to their daily routines. The stay at salaš is a special experience, and the biggest experience is when you greet the dusk in a relaxed atmosphere with a glass of wine.

You just state what you would like, and we will do our best to make your wishes come true.