Phone: +381 (0)64 262 74 32 (Ljuba Simić)

Is there a more beautiful pleasure of sailing in a boat on the Danube? Valuable travel enthusiasts Ljuba Simić from Čerević will take you, in his boat, the “Danube Dream” to the most beautiful natural beaches that are located on islands in the Danube that runs through the municipality of Beočin. You are enable to visit fish restaurants as well and restaurants that are close to the Danube. The boat ride will allow you to choose sightseeing and the environment and to observe birds and animals. It is possible to sail to certain destinations as well as the joint organization of picnics in nature through the preparation of Srem’s specialties in a kettle and in “talandara”, barbecue. Anglers and hunters are frequent Ljuba’s guests. The boat, which is 9 meters long and 2.5 meters wide, can accommodate 20 guests. Skipper is experienced and very well trained for all that is expected to happen on the Danube .The “Danube Dream” is normally in the tourist offer of Banoštor, the village known for many high quality wine producers as well as the association of “Mother’s workshop “from Banoštor.


18. 10. 2016.