Address: Livade bb, Žabalj
Phone: +381 (0)21 63 17 536, +381 (0)63 397 937


Staying at the farm is a relaxing break from modern stressful life. If desired, you can do some work at the farm (flower arrangements, vegetable gardening, plant nursery work, apple picking, brandy making, etc.) It is also possible to organize picking of medicinal herbs, mowing grass, feeding livestock. Visits to the nearby places, cultural and historical monuments and the points of interest in the vicinity can be organized for the interested visitors. The nearby Tisa offers swimming, fishing and boating activities. The education of young people about old crafts, tools, devices and jobs is also a significant factor in this form of tourism. Children’s games at the farm – leapfrog, whip snapping, swings, driving … The farm has 5 comfortable ethno rooms, good home-made food, natural drinks from our basements and activities fitting the immediate surroundings. “Babin Salaš” a village tourism farm,a shady oasis, the Bačka farmhouse in the shade of black locust, is within easy reach. This mid-sized family farm is located in the Bačka region, on a fertile land in the vicinity of Žabalj, near the Tisa, just off the Novi Sad – Zrenjanin main road. A short stone road leads you right in front of the entrance to the farm, a green grassy yard where you will be greeted by the excited welcome of dogs, cats, horses and poultry. As of recently, in addition to the main activity of fruit growing, that is, plant nursery, and the production of excellent fruit brandy, the hosts have opened their doors to tourists. The traditional Salaš farm offers 3 double rooms, traditional inn with 70 seats, and the possibility of seating under the black locust tree crown for up to 50 people. Guests are offered Bačka dishes with brandy and coffee, all kinds of celebrations can be organized on demand.

Please announce your visit in advance.

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