Address: Hrtkovci

Gomolava is prehistoric archeological locality which is situated near Hrtkovci, not far away from Ruma, on the left shore of Sava river. It was settled during six millenniums and is one of the most famous localities in Europe. The multistory archeological find is the settlement where are noticed the horizons of settlements in late Vinča period, eneolithic, early bronze period and iron period. The first excavations were in 1904., and from 1953., there are systematical researches which, with some pauses, last till today. The first settlement was found during the early Neolithic period, and it consisted of big houses with rectangular base, and it was built of wood and clay. The settlement was destroyed in fire, and on it’s remains the new settlers of Spot-Lađevac culture, made their houses and after them the people of Baden, Kostolac and Vučedol culture. In the bronze period the tribe from the east, lived in modest huts. The dominant horizons are from early iron period. There were found the houses made of thatched hut and mortar with a lot of ceramic stoves and holes rich with autochthonous material and ital import. In the foothill of Gomolave is big Roman necropolis. From XII to XV century there was the village necropolis and the church with the graveyard.

21. 12. 2012.