Datum održavanja: 01.01.1970.

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The tourist offer of Bački Monoštor is Eco-recreation center which was officially opened on the International Environment Day, 05 June 2008.

Eco-recreation center consists of an amphitheater with wooden benches for workshops, education and teaching in nature, a mini playground with swings and seesaws, a training ground for the game "Man do not be angry" in the macro issue and football pitch suitable for sports and recreation facilities. Eco-recreation center is situated on the edge of the Special Nature Reserve "The Upper Danube", and serves as a characteristic point for visitors to learn about and prepare for the visit to the reserve.

The Center was created as a result of the realization of the project of the Association of Citizens "Podunav" from Bački Monoštor, in cooperation with the municipality of Sombor, PC "Vojvodina" and LC "Bački Monoštor" on the location of Dol.