Datum održavanja: 01.01.1970.

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The museum fund encompasses nearly 8000 items which have been classified into paleontological, archeological, numismatic, ethnological, historical and art collection. The professional library is also the constituent part of the City Museum.
In the paleontological exhibition the parts of the skeleton of the animals that once lived on the territory of Vojvodina are exhibited. The oldest exhibits of this part of the settings are the remains of shells and stone, carbonized remains of shells and ancient shark teeth. The skeletal remains of mammoths, which are believed to be extinct some 2,500 years before are the lower jaw, femur, ribs, vertebrae and teeth.
The archaeological exhibition consists of items from the holdings of the museum depicting the period of prehistory, and the Middle Ages antiquity as well.
Prehistoric material consists of bone awls, stone axes, weights of baked earth, flint blades, Neolithic altar, anthropomorphic figurines as well as the prehistoric pottery. The Roman material is represented by the Roman coins, jewelry, Roman oil lamp, cultural objects as well as pottery and fragments of pottery of the Roman provincial workshops. The Medieval material consists of money, jewelry, tools, weapons, ornaments horse equipment as well as the Medieval ceramics.