Adresa: Maršala Tita bb, Sibač

The Holy Temple Sibac was built in 1767 and devoted to translation of the relics of the Saint Nicholas. The temple was completely renovated and adorned in 1851. Adornment is the work of the painter Konstantin Pantelic. The temple hosts a very valuable iconostasis, work of art of the famous painter Georgije Stojanovic. Iconostasis was originally designed for the Lower Church in Sremski Karlovci devoted to The Saint Apostles Peter and Paul. Iconostasis dates back to 1737- 1740, and it was purchased in exchange of few bullocks and transferred to Sibac in the 30's of XIX century. Three throne icons of a great value were stolen in 1971. They were found and returned back in 2006. Iconostasis is currently located in the treasury of the Srem Eparchy waiting for the general renovation of the Holy Temple and relocation again to the Church in Sibinci.

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