In order to promote the tourist attractions and products of the Province, the representatives of tourism media from Poland, Germany, Hungary, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina visited Mt. Fruška Gora from June 1 to 3, 2023.

The media representatives stayed at the Fruške Terme complex located in Vrdnik, where they started their tour. During their stay in Vojvodina, they got to know the tourist attractions and products of Mt. Fruška Gora, Sremski Karlovci and Novi Sad.

During the tour of Novi Sad, the media representatives visited the Info Center of the Tourism Organization of Vojvodina, where they were presented with promotional materials about sacral architecture, active recreation, gastronomy, wine and cycle tourism.

Tourism media from Poland that were part of the mentioned press trip consisted of: Vogue (a portal that covers lifestyle, fashion, wellness, travel and contemporary marketing trends), Onet Kultura (one of the leading magazines in the field of culture and tradition), Fly4free (a portal dedicated to tourism and travel, which also cooperates with airline and hotel booking systems), Lubię podróże (a growing travel blog run by an enthusiast traveler and photographer). Germany was represented by Focus (a magazine dedicated to sociological topics related to accommodation and tourist destinations). (a magazine dedicated to women with a regular travel column) and Turizmus (one of the growing portals dedicated to tourism in Hungary) reported to audiences in Hungary.

On behalf of Croatia we hosted: (a leading news portal dedicated to daily news, news from the economy, lifestyle, health and tourism), (one of the top portals dedicated to a healthy lifestyle and its improvement, covers topics from health to wellness), Adria Media (a leading magazine on the Croatian market dedicated to providing a unique experience of tourism and travel), (a portal dedicated to empowering women by providing information on topics such as lifestyle, fashion, beauty, wellness, and inspiring stories of successful women).

Bosnia and Herzegovina sent representatives of (a news portal that provides information from politics, economy, culture to tourism and travel) and SeeSrpska (a portal founded with the aim of promoting and developing tourism and the cultural and economic potential of the region) and (a top regional website on topics in the fields of economy, health, lifestyle and travel).

The media did not hide their enthusiasm for the tourist attractions that were presented to them during their stay in Vojvodina. As the aforementioned visit to Vojvodina included eminent representatives of the most important tourist portals, magazines and media houses, we have every reason to believe that they will convey their positive impressions to their readers and viewers and thus encourage them to spend their vacation in Vojvodina.