Datum održavanja: 01.01.1970.

On the locality of the City near Donji Petrovac in Srem there are remaining of the Roman city Bassianae. The settlement was found in the I century as the autonomic civitas, and it existed till the VI century. In 124. The city was promoted in the status of municipium, and in 214. there was the earliest note about it as the colony. Smaller archeological researches were made in 1882. and 1935. Then there was discovered the construction of the rampart with the towers as well as three buildings made of stone and brick, with the heating system, floor mosaics, frescoes on the floor and sewerage system. Many surface findings come from this locality: ceramic and glass objects, jewelry, coins, stone votive monuments and sculptures. On the locality of Solnok, in the area of the village Dobrinci, were found parts of the base of rampart which belonged to the military with the towers, remains of the buildings and graves.